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1. How about if I cannot find the items I want?
2. How about the minimum ordering quantity ?
3. Is there any stock for sale?
4. Do you provide the services for processing of finished product?
5. Can I confirm the order only after making the sample?
6. Can I place an order through E-mail?
7. Can I choose to use several fabric color or printing color in one order?
8. When will the product finish? Can I get it earlier?
9. Do you provide the price list and how to calculate the price?
10. Do you provide any discount for customers?
11. How can I make the payment?
12.Do you provide delivery services?
13. Can I pick up the products in mainland China?
14.How about the format of the Logo?
15. How can I submit the Logo?
16. Can I print a different logo on each shirt in one order?
17. Will the logo size change according to the size of clothes?
18. Can I amend the logo after confirming the order?
19. Will you help design a logo for customers?
20. Will the printing decolorize or not?
21. Will the products shrink in the wash or not?
22. Will the products decolorize or not?
23. Can I cancel the order after making the sample?
24. How about if I found mistake after I have collected my products?
25. Can we decide not to use the “buddy” label?
26. Can the sample be lent out?
27. Can a repeat order enjoy the original price?
28. Do you keep the silk screen printing for customers?
29. How can I set the suitable size if I want to place an order?
30. Will you keep the embroidery tape?
31.The concept of embroidery?
32. Which fabric is the easiest to be embroidered? And why?
33. What are the basic requirements of embroidery?
34. The categories of embroidery?
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